Miraculous Claims of the Zone Diet
Miraculous Claims of the Zone Diet

Miraculous Claims of the Zone Diet

One way of recognizing a fad diet is said to be the promise of multiple miraculous effects upon health. And Zone diet promises a lot.

“Why is the Zone diet so controversial?””Beats me!”Extract from an interview with Dr. Barry Sears,Guest Posting by Harper&Collins PublishersFive cover promises

At first glance, Barry Sears’ first published book “Enter The Zone” has the following main points:  Tiny Zone
  1. Lose weight permanentlyReset your genetic codePrevent diseaseAchieve your maximum physical performanceEnhance your mental productivity
These five statements should make us buy. I think I would buy if only one of them were true, point three, preventing disease.How can a diet not be controversial when it says it can “prevent diseases”? But, to be fair, Dr Sears provides further details of his ambiguous statement somewhere between the covers of the bestseller. We find out that Zone diet can help to:
  • prevent type II diabetes, as Zone diet is nothing more than permanent and accurate insulin control through food we ingestprevent cardiovascular diseases (cardiomyopathy, arthritis, artherosclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia)

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