The Top 50 Gifts For Under $50!
The Top 50 Gifts For Under $50!

The Top 50 Gifts For Under $50!

Stressed about your Christmas shopping this year? Don’t be! Here are 50 of the coolest gifts under $50! They’re all categorized under the most popular holiday gift categories to make your shopping so much easier – enjoy!MP3 Players:Technology advances by leaps and bounds almost daily and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what’s good, what’s new, and what’s popular. When premiered, prices were astronomical – today, you can find several great MP3 gifts for under $50 like the ones below! Daixe Wang

  1. Apple iPod Shuffle ($46) has been the leader in MP3 players for quite awhile now. This 4th generation iPod shuffle holds hundreds of your favorite songs that you can put into multiple playlists for your listening pleasure. A great gift for the iPod lover that doesn’t bust your budget!
  2. SanDisk Sansa Clip ($31.99) is a strong player in the MP3 market with enough room to hold 500 songs, as well as featuring a very impressive 15 hour battery life!
  3. XOVision Ematic 4GB Video MP3 Player ($48.92) has a 2.4-inch LCD screen so you can watch videos, movies, pictures, and browse e-books. Has a 4GB flash memory to store an amazing 5,000 songs, 20 hours of video, or thousands of photos!
  4. Philips GoGear 4GB Black MP3 Player ($49.99) also features a 4GB memory but with a 1.8-inch LCD screen.
  5. Creative ZEN Style 100 ($39.99) comes with 4GB of storage which equals thousands of songs and plenty of video, as well as enough battery life for 32 straight hours of audio or 4 continuous hours of video!

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